Each project is unique, requiring a different approach, and for this reason we like to think freely, outside-any-boxes.
Every project is treated individually from start to finish, hand-picking a team according to its needs and requirements.
However, there are a few key-points providing the basis for IDEABAR Studio's strategic thinking:


A thorough understanding of the project's requirements and context. We assess and analyse the specific needs and convert them into a strategic plan, that will form a solid foundation for the project's development. At this stage, it is important to gather as much information about our clients, their projects and goals, as we strongly believe the little details are making all the difference. The project is discussed and analysed in full detail, along with an all-round market research.

As the project goes into a more detailed development, the creative team is formed and timeline and budgets are planned out. Preliminary ideas are drafted and tested to establish the project's creative guidelines.

Based on the final concept development, we make sure that all points convey the right values. This helps us keep high standards and make sure the project runs smoothly until completion, keeping deadlines and budgets in order. We oversee all ideas and projects, manage and coordinate the project team, and we keep the clients informed about the progress, highlighting any issues that may arise.